Joseph Shabason

January 2, 2021

First single from new solo record, The Fellowship is out!

This is the title track from my new album The Fellowship. This album is my attempt at autobiography through instrumental music. It follows the narrative of my parents growing up in traditional Jewish families, escaping to the country outside of Toronto in their 20s, embracing the teachings of a Muslim Sufi and raising me and my sister in a duel faith Jewish/Muslim household. As I release more songs I’ll elaborate more on what I’m trying to convey with each track….but In general it’s a record about the emotional ramifications of losing your faith. For now though enjoy this little jammer feating Thom Gill, Bram Gielen, Naomi McCarroll-Butler, Vince Spilchuk, Phil Melanson and Kieran Adams (who also helped me produce the record). The amazing music video was made by Max McCabe-Lokos

Preorder the record here: